Precision cooking
at home has arrived

Sage Precision

At Sage we strive for perfection, making products that deliver exact results and take the guesswork out of the kitchen. We believe that everyone should be able to sous vide a variety of foods - steak, salmon, prawns and eggs, or enjoy eggs anyway they like. Steam a whole fish like red snapper to perfection and serve with Asian greens. Because home cooking should be great and with our two latest precision products, we believe it will be.

Now that’s precision, by Sage.

What is precision cooking?

Often when we cook food on a high temperature in an oven or grill, the outside of the food will reach the desired temperature long before the centre, giving you an uneven, unpredictable result.

Precision cooking relies on two key variables - precise temperature and time.

Perfectly cooked, flavourful food.

the Steam Zone™
the One° Precision™ Poacher

Set and forget

Once you set your desired temperature, our appliances will never exceed it. So you can simply set and forget, meaning you can get on with other things with the peace of mind that your meal will be ready when you are. Brilliant.

the Steam Zone

Two innovative products that take the guesswork out of the kitchen and prove that perfection does exist. Our appliances are so precise, yet still easy to use, taking the effort out of cooking at home. Giving you the tools to experiment when preparing new and amazing creations at home.

the Steam Zone™

Precise food steaming like never before.
Simple. Fresh. Fast.

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the One° Precision™ Poacher

Sous vide cooking and exceptional eggs made easy.
Simple. Precise. Perfect.

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